Hontoys Terms & Conditions

Warranty Terms:

All Parts sold by Hontoys Auto’s Pty Ltd are covered by a seven (7) day warrant. A warrant period of ninety (90) days or 10,000km applies to second hand engines and thirty days (30) or 20,000 km for second hand gearboxes, whichever occurs first unless otherwise specified.

Labour – Labour will not be paid unless prior arrangements have been made with management.

What we do not warrant:

Accessories, if fitted to a used engine, such as manifolds, flywheels, carburettors, fuel pumps, water pumps, diesel injection pumps and injectors, are supplied for your convenience only. You may replace them with your own if you wish, as they are not covered by our warranty.

Return of unused goods:

Goods returned as not required or incorrect must be returned within five (5) days for full refund or credit. Hontoys will not accept returns on specially ordered parts or cut body sections.

Your Responsibilities

  • As certain the correct make, model and body type for which your purchase is made.
  • Where required by legislation, your purchase must be fitted by a licensed motor mechanic
  • Correct oils and lubricants must be used and kept at correct levels.
  • Body parts are sold as inspected by you and you acknowledge that you purchase the part purely on your judgement. Such parts will not be exchanged.
  • You are responsible for loss or damage in transit of your purchase or for a or items being returned under warranty.
  • Labour charges will not be paid unless prior arrangements have been made with Hontoys Management.
  • When returning a product for warranty, you are required to attach your invoice when returning the part.

To protect your warranty

  1. Service your radiator
  2. Renew fanbelts, hoses and radiator cap.
  3. Renew all air, oil and fuel filters.

All oil seals, timing belts and water pumps must be replaced prior to fitment in order for a warranty claim to be acknowledged. Claiming under warranty

  1. Immediately ring and advise us of your problem
  2. Do not dismantle the faulty part. Returns under warranty must be complete and bolted together as sold, or warranty is void.
  3. Freight must be prepaid by you or we will not accept delivery, unless prior arrangements are made.

Quote invoice number.

The above is our company’s warranty policy statement and is not intended to invalidate any right you may have under appropriate Federal or State legislation.